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Doctor Warp News

Welcome to Doctor Warp. We've got over 300 Celebs for you to warp - and hundreds more coming soon. That's not all that's coming your way. Among some of the things you can expect in the near future:

1. Upload your own photo! Members will be able to upload any photo they want - and Warp them!

2. Submit Your Warp! Submit your Warp creations to a gallery - that other people will be able to view - and vote on!

4. Suggest-A-Warp. Soon you will be able to Warp everyone. We'll use your suggestions and photos to make sure that noone is left Un-Warped!

In the mean time - have fun on DoctorWarp- Warp as many people and animals as you want! Remember - some celebrities need plastic surgery ever few years - but on DoctorWarp - you can give them that facelift - anytime you want - the way YOU want it! Warp Away!

How To Use Doctor Warp

Doctor Warp is a Mad Doctor - bent on Warping every Celebrity he can get his hands on! Now you can Warp them too! Here's how:

1. Select Your Warp Category. On the left side of Doctor Warp - you should see a bunch of Folders. Click one of them- and you will get a list of available Warps!.

2. Select a Warp Victim. Click on a Name to start Warping them!

3. Click and Drag. Just click and drag on their face to start Warping them! Try some simple things - like making them smile (drag sides of mouth up), or make them look mean, or worried (dragging around the eyebrows).

4. Warp More! On the right side you will see a new panel will folders. They should help you out with your warp - and finding more similiar Warps of that Individual. If we have a lot of Warps of that individual - you will see "More Person's Name". You can click on this to see a list of More of that Person. Another Folder might say "More Category". If you click this - you will get more Individuals from that category.

Remember to have fun on Doctor Warp - and try not to poke your eyes out! Warp Away!

Saving or Printing

For security reasons, by default Java won't let you save or print a file (so that a Java applet can't erase your hard drive, for example). So, to save or print your creation, follow these steps:


1. Take a screen shot. Click once on the title bar of your browser, to make sure it's active, and press Alt + PrintScreen. (The PrintScreen button is on the upper-right of your keyboard, often labeled PrtScn or something like that.)

2. Paste it into an image editing program. Open up the Paint program, for example -- this is under the Start menu, under Programs >> Accessories >> Paint. Click the Maximize button on the upper-right corner of the window, and choose the Paste menu item.

3. Crop it. If you want, you can use the program's image tools to erase or delete the parts of the image you don't want.

4. Save or Print. Now you can save or print the picture you made.


1A. Take a screen shot. Press Command(Apple) + Shift + 3, all at the same time. You should hear the sound of a camera snapping a picture. This will put a file containing a screen shot on your hard drive.

1B. Or, Take a cropped screen shot. (This only works on System 7.6 or later.) Press Command(Apple) + Shift + 4, all at the same time. The mouse cursor will turn into cross-hairs. This will let you choose which part of the screen to grab. Click and drag the outline of your picture - i.e. click on the upper-left corner of the image, hold down the mouse button, and drag the mouse over to the lower-right corner of the image. Then release the mouse button. You should hear the sound of a camera snapping a picture. This will put a file containing a screen shot on your hard drive.

2A. Open it with SimpleText. Double-click on your hard drive icon (for example, Macintosh HD), and you should see a file named "Picture 1". Double-click on this file to open it in SimpleText. You can now print the picture, but you can't edit it in SimpleText.

2B. Or, open it with an image editing program. Use an image editing program like Photoshop to open the "Picture 1" file, to crop the image, and save or print it from there.

About this Site
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